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Don’t be afraid of what you don’t know. KNOW, and then you won’t be afraid.

“I’d rather not know what’s wrong with me”.


That’s what a client of mine told me the other day. He said he knew there was something serious going on with him, but didn’t want to deal with it. When it gets to the point that he has to deal with it, he will.

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Don’t let the health care industry get a hold of you because they will never let go

Before my mother passed away from heart disease, she said something that stuck with me, while surrounded by bottles of prescription drugs– “Don’t let the health care industry get a hold of you because they will never let go.”


Reading today’s news, and speaking to my clients, I see this happening more and more every day. Listen, over 106,000 people die every year from “normal, expected side effects” from prescription drugs.

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Why Exercise? How Newton’s Laws Of Physics Can Help Us Understand

There are a lot of great reasons to exercise. I’ll get to our good buddy on the left in a moment, but first the obvious benefits…


Exercise helps you with managing your weight. For obvious reasons, you burn calories as you move, so even a little bit can help.


It also raises HDL (good cholesterol) in the body, and at the same time actually lowers LDL (bad cholesterol). This nice mix decreases your risk of cardiovascular disease.

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Can one a day really do much good?   My experience with vitamins is that they can be life-saving. I have personally experienced great changes by altering my diet and taking vitamins that:   protect the heart control cholesterol improve kidney function protect the eyes   We’ll explore this with articles, and also go into … Read more